Our final Sunday on 3rd June at All Saints was filled with emotion, as we bid farewell to our long familiar parish amid so many expressions of kindness.

For the messages of encouragement and gifts we received, the emotive cross for the Rectory, the generous cheque, the cakes and flowers and other unexpected delights, and above all for the love which all these make tangible, we thank you so much.

We shall miss you, while remaining thankful that All Saints continues to love and serve the folk of Banstead, just as it has served us.  Our experience here brings us now to a surprising new opportunity of service for which we give thanks, but we will never forget the love and friendship we have known here.

We are looking forward to welcoming some of you to the licensing service where you may meet other old friends.  If you would like to visit here at another time, our contact details are below.  You will always be welcome in our home.  May God continue to bless you, and surprise you.

With all our love, Vivien and Phillip

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