Servers  All Saints Banstead

At All Saints, we are proud of our serving tradition which was re-introduced in 1958. One of the original team is still serving with us today! Our role is not only to assist in the smooth running of the service, but also to symbolically highlight some of the important parts throughout the liturgy.

It is often said that we remember more about a talk or ceremony if it is illustrated by visual aids. This is the role of the server with the processions, candles and incense.

A serving team is needed at the Sung Eucharist and other special services. Then we have a team of three servers; two Acolytes (candle bearers) and a MC/Crucifer (who processes with the cross). The MC (Master of Ceremonies) also keeps an overview on the smooth flowing of the service. At the Easter Fire on Holy Saturday and for Corpus Christi a Thurifer is added to dispense the sweet smelling incense smoke which symbolizes the people’s prayers rising to God. A Server or Crucifer is also required at the Said Eucharist, Evensong and some weekday services.

We have currently 14 servers on the team which consists of five MCs and nine Acolytes, with two further Acolytes in training. New members are always welcome so if you would like to see what’s involved and perhaps join the team, speak to me in Church or give me a call at home.

Contact Alan Clarke 01737 359834