REFLECTION for 6th Sunday of Easter

George Harcourt-Vernon writes:

Waiting is an anxious time for all of us, whether we are expecting good or bad news, or events, to happen. Time seems somehow to slow down, when waiting for the bus!

Waiting is some time for all of us to endure. It is a part of the fabric of creation. The Seven Ages of Man, the seasons, growth and decay, all have their allotted place and time, and one cannot change this. But it is in this waiting that we can prepare for the next stage, the next progression, the next change within creation. So, let us use our time of waiting wisely.  Waiting for God should be a pleasure for everybody.

St Paul says: ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ St John says, ‘I will not leave you bereft. I am coming back to you.’

Our ability to cope well, or otherwise, with the ‘pause button of life’, as individuals, or as a local community, or as nation, will shape the future of our mortal condition on earth. Remember the saying ‘The devil makes work for idle hands.’

We are born to live and we are born to die to sin. Whether we fear death, or the manner of our death, we all have to wait for it to happen and happen it must. This, our life, is the only time we have, whether short or long, to bring God into the equation of our life. How are we using this ‘waiting’ time on earth in the service of the ‘One and Only God’ of creation?

Those who are concerned with their earthly well-being, who have built the huge ‘barns’ in which to keep all their worldly goods, may find it difficult to understand the humanity and the spirituality of the meaning of ‘blessed are the poor’, ‘blessed are the peace makers’, ‘blessed are the humble’. Perhaps they are misusing their time in the ‘waiting room of life’.

For those of us who have allowed the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, for those who have proclaimed the risen Lord, the waiting to be with the Lord is still a sheer delight. Those who have a sure faith and certain hope look forward to continuing life of the spirit. I was glad when they said,’ Let us go to the House of the Lord.’

We have in the past few months been very focused in our waiting for the ‘coronavirus’ to run its course. We now have a changed society, a changed world. We have had our eyes opened to the necessity of helping our neighbour. We have learnt more about compassion and cooperation of love and needs. We are more focused on our responsibility to our neighbour, near and far.

And we are the better for it. As we wait to be ‘unlocked’ from our present predicament, we must use the time wisely to bring about a fairer, a more equitable and just society, a better world to live in where we have proved that global warming can be successfully dealt with and other issues of life.

May we keep ourselves fit. May we keep ourselves well, to serve and love the whole community of mankind.


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