REFLECTION for 6th Sunday after Trinity

Rosemary Whipp writes:

Jesus often taught His followers by parables. A parable is a simple story illustrating a religious lesson or truth. Quite often there were different layers to the story so that people would understand different truths from it. I find that when listening to any of the parables different meanings will come to me even though I will have heard them many times in the past.

The readings for last week and this are about farming. His listeners would all have been familiar with planting, growing and reaping and would have had no problem in understanding the stories in their simplest form but I think there is another truth which Jesus is teaching us here, that is that we need to have patience.

The farmer sowing his seed needs to wait until the crops grow which takes time. In the story of the sower he needs to wait to get rid of the weeds before he tries to pull them up or he risks destroying the good plants as well. The mustard seed will grow into a large bush, but it will take time for that to happen. Patience is needed.

Over the last few months we have all needed patience. It has been a very difficult time and many of us have felt very isolated and alone, longing to see our families and friends but we have had to have patience until it was deemed safe to do so. Now as the isolation is beginning to lift and we can start to go out again and shop we have to have patience as we queue so that we can shop safely.

Jesus’s followers were waiting for this new kingdom Jesus was teaching them about and they didn’t want to wait. If He had a new kingdom they wanted it now not in some distant time, they were impatient.

We are impatient now for life to get back to how it was before the pandemic but if we go too fast the sickness will return and we will be back to the beginning. We have to be patient and wait until it is safe however difficult that may be.

When I was at school our headmistress, a nun, used to tell us that our prayers were always answered but sometimes the answer was no and sometimes it was you have to wait however frustrating that may be.


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