REFLECTION for 4th Sunday after Trinity (5th July)

Faith Collins writes:

In recent months everyone has been looking for the right advice: scientists, governments individuals, all seeking guidance on how to behave to be safe. This weekend, when the Lockdown is being partially eased, sensible advice and following the right lead is even more vital. People  have been worried for their own well being and that of others. People are still worried, some even more because of the relaxation of restrictions.

Here in today’s Gospel reading we find some comfort: ‘My yoke is easy, my burden light.’  This is a wonderful promise provided we don’t miss the words hidden within the promise: ‘learn of me’. It is Jesus’ way that is the answer to our need for comfort.

It is a commonplace to point out that the ‘yoke’ Jesus refers to is not the picture we may have from our nursery rhyme stories of a cute milkmaid who manages two buckets perfectly well by herself. Rather we must imagine the ancient farmers’ way of ploughing – two oxen, yoked together such that they must walk in step. Walk in step with Jesus and He takes the weight with us (not off us), travels with us, is always there. How in these Lockdown days most of us must have needed someone actually beside us: perhaps to show us that difficult bit of tech or even just to open the cap on the bleach. Jesus has promised always to be beside us by His Holy Spirit, The Comforter.

Some of us find music in these times a great comfort and I hope the choir’s recent efforts have lifted the spirits. Knowing I would be writing on this subject I asked  Jan to arrange ‘Lead me, Lord’ as our offering this weekend.

Lead me, Lord….  Make Thy way plain….  For it is Thou, Lord, only that makest me dwell in safety.    [You can hear this on the Choir page.]


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