PILGRIM COURSE – from 18th January

Pilgrim: a Course for the Christian Journey – The Eucharist

We are once again running a Pilgrim Course in Banstead on Saturday mornings from the 18th January to the 22nd February at The Vicarage, Court Road, 10 – 11.30am.

Life is a journey; it begins when we are born and ends when we die. We don’t need to follow the Christian faith to know this. But as we get older, we do know that there is probably more road behind us than ahead of us.

So, what difference does being a Christian make? Well, the journey of life that ends in the death becomes the holy pilgrimage that ends in life. Christians believe that in Jesus, God has walked this earth before us, and that with Jesus as our companion and guide we can travel through life differently.

We can live, and travel as pilgrims. We set our sights on God’s kingdom of justice and peace; and as we journey home to God, the pathway of our life becomes more meaningful and joyful, and the world a better place.

The Pilgrim courses are designed to help people learn more of the Christian way of life. It unpacks the message and teachings of the Christian faith. Whether someone has been a Christian all their life or are only in the very early stages of curiosity, this course will be of great value and interest. No prior knowledge is required or expected. We learn from each other using the Pilgrim booklet and which includes everything needed to open up avenues for discussion.

In this 6-week Course our focus will be on The Eucharist, (also known as the Lord’s Supper, or the Mass, or Holy Communion). The 6 sessions reveal the reasons why the Eucharist is celebrated as a memorial Christ’s saving passion and stands at the heart of Christian worship.

All are welcome. Please contact the Vicar, Maria Pallis on 01737 351134 if you would like more information or sign up on the sheet at the back of church.

‘Happy are those whose hearts are set on the pilgrim way.’ Ps 84.5


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