Donna Taylor

Donna says: When teaching Religious Studies 1969-1976 I first recognised the importance of Pastoral Care.  A ‘happy’ person functions better and is receptive, one with issues is less so.

As a young mother in 1978 I was asked to train as a Lay Pastoral Assistant.  In 1988 I returned to teaching, becoming Head of Religious Studies, Pastoral Care, Careers Guidance and Deputy Head.

As Lay Pastoral Assistant, I was first involved with Baptism preparation, young families and Youth work; now, I am active in a Residential Care Home and generally there for all who appreciate a confidential listening ear.

I have the added delights of a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, 3 young granddaughters and 2 young grandsons.  I am a member of the Mothers’ Union in support of marriage and family life.

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