The Vicar has suspended live-streaming of our 9.30am service on Sundays because of safeguarding concerns.   We apologise to those people who appreciated these on-line services, and hope it will be possible to stream services again soon.


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  1. Wilma Shaw Reply

    Good Evening All Saints,
    As someone whose career held responsibilities towards safeguarding pupils and students and now as a volunteer with a charity supporting vulnerable and bereaved people I feel I may be able to add support to your Vicar regarding the cessation of Youtube publishing of services, in such a way that you better understand the negatives of using Youtube now.
    Whilst in Lockdown when communities did not gather in churches etc, Youtube was an excellent means of including people BUT now that buildings and activities are open to congregations/ participants it should be recognised that it is available to all who utilise the internet.
    This means that anyone and everyone worldwide can view all taking part .
    It negates your Safeguarding Practices.
    As a parent, foster carer, child protection coordinator and keen protector of all no matter their ages, politics, race or faith I ask you to understand that it does not protect.
    There are several other secure means of allowing people to participate at home via their digital apparatus e.g. Zoom, Teams.

    I have enjoyed being invited into your church via Youtube and will be happy to see a secure window used so that I can attend in the future.

    I believe the CE will also recognise my concerns.

    I have noted that other churches have ceased to employ Youtube when they have opened their premises to their congregations.

    Best wishes, wilma Shaw

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