life-and-death-1-1343928-639x425Many people go through a difficult and painful time when someone close to them dies. The ministry team at All Saints’ will do all they can to help and support you.

If the person who has died had been living in the Parish of Banstead, one of our ministry team will be glad to take the funeral service, whether you wish this to be in the church or at a crematorium. They will also help you to plan the service within Church guidelines in the way most appropriate to your needs and the wishes of the person who has died.

We do ask that you get in touch with the clergy as early as possible to ensure a suitable date is chosen (tel. 01737 379289).

All Saints’ churchyard is now formally closed so that coffin burial is no longer possible except in the existing grave of a family member. But it is possible either to bury ashes in a plot where a small memorial plaque may be placed, or to put them in the Garden of Remembrance.  Ashes must be interred loose (no caskets).

Grieving and coping with loss may take a long time and is never easy. The ministry team will continue to do what they can to support you; and some people find it helpful to come to our ‘Bereavement Befrienders’ group for a chat over coffee once a month.

The Church of England has statutory fees for funeral services and for interment of ashes.

For fee information see All Saints’ Church funeral fees 2021