From 1st May the parish is officially in vacancy.  Thanks to Covid-19 the vacancy is lasting longer than we had hoped.  Until a new Vicar is installed the Churchwardens and Area Dean will be officially responsible for keeping the church going and supporting all the work done in the church’s name.

We are very blessed that, at least for the present, Revd Ian is able to continue with such activities as are currently possible, and to hold services when we are again allowed to do so.  Please remember to let him have time off.   Remember too that the responsibility for the parish during the vacancy falls not on him but on the Churchwardens, so please bring your complaints to Susan and Geoff and not to Ian!

As of late September we can report some advances. The PCC held its ‘Section 11’ meeting on 16th September, and approved the ‘Parish Profile’, the description of the church and parish.   We are now hope the post of Vicar will be advertised through October, with a closing date of 8th November.

We shan’t see applications, which go to the Archdeacon’s PA, but the PCC has now chosen its two representatives to join the Bishop, Archdeacon and Area Dean on the interview panel in November.  As on past such occasions, PCC members chose the Churchwardens.   The full interview panel consists of the Bishop, the Archdeacon, the Area Dean, and the two parish representatives, and we are told that the Bishop and Archdeacon have entered 23rd and 24th November in their diaries for interviewing candidates.

So we keep praying:

God our Father, you have welcomed each one of us in Jesus and called us to be His body in this place; send us your Holy Spirit at this time of uncertainty and change, to fill us with vision and energy and faithfulness in prayer, that we may be true to our calling to bring new life to our community.   Give your heavenly wisdom to those who are to choose a new incumbent for this parish that he or she may be a wise and gentle shepherd of your people, ready to serve us with joy, to build us up in faith and to lead us by example in loving obedience to your Son Jesus.   Amen.

More news will follow – meanwhile we welcome your views.

Susan & Geoff –

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