The Vicar has cancelled the services on Wednesday 29th and Sunday 2nd January because of concerns for Covid safety.  For Sunday 2nd he will be putting a presentation on All Saints’ Facebook page.

The church will be open for private prayer daily from about 11.00am to about 4.30pm.

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  1. Rev Phil Maudsley Reply

    Like so many of you I am sad that the crib service was cancelled whilst I was away but I understand that the Area Dean and the churchwardens felt there was a serious risk at this time in the presence of the virus to us all.
    I understand too that there are many who will be upset by the further decisions to reduce the services we will have at All Saints, but we cannot ignore the rising numbers of COVID around us.
    I do hope that as many as possible take the opportunity to join me on Facebook on Christmas morning at 930am as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour – not the way we expected to but connecting to each other virtually.
    There will also be a short homily on Facebook on Wednesday at 10am.
    I pray that we all hold onto the fact that the real meaning of Christmas is the act of giving through the way we live among others, supporting them, valuing them, and helping them. We do this best when we remember to share our love of humanity by our daily actions. These we bring to the baby Jesus at this time of year with love, joy, hope and peace.
    Rev Phil

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