Since March 2020 the choir has been unable to sing together.  Nevertheless, they’ve succeeded in making separate recordings and joining these to produce the music here.

For 27th September: Psalm 25

For 20th September: Anthem ‘Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake’ by Farrant

For 20th September: Psalm 145: 1-8

For 13th September: Anthem ‘Call to remembrance’ by Farrant

For 13th September: Psalm 103: 8-13

For 6th September: Anthem ‘Teach me, O Lord’

For 6th September: Psalm 119: 33-30

For 30th August: Anthem ‘God so loved the world’

For 30th August: Psalm 26

‘O Lord, increase our faith’ by Loosemore:

‘Ave Maria’ by Arcadelt:

Psalm 45:

‘Lead me , Lord’ in four parts with organ:

Psalm 105:

‘Lord, I trust Thee’:

Psalm 17:

Psalm 128:

The Gloria:

‘Turn thy face’:

‘Lead me, Lord’:

Psalm 13:

‘If ye love me’:

‘Holy, holy, holy’:

Hymn to the Trinity:

‘Come, Holy Ghost’: