The Music Staff

Organist & Director of Music – Jan Pringle

Choral tradition

All Saints has a four-part robed choir comprising of adults, young people, boys and girls who sing at the main Services each week. It is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). Choristers are trained using this scheme and a large proportion have gained Deans’ and Bishops’ Awards at Guildford Cathedral.

Choir juniors being promoted

The PCC encourage this choral tradition and generously fund the work of the choir. Organ Scholarships are also available for promising musicians. A previous Head Chorister is now Music Director at the Guards’ Chapel in London.

See the Choir dates Feb-July 2018 here.

Choral Evensong

This lovely traditional service, using the Book of Common Prayer, is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month except August, December and January, when Carol Services – with choir highlights – take over.   It is also becoming a tradition to have a special piece of music on a Sunday in Lent – in 2017 the choir sang Stainer’s Crucifixion and in 2018 a gave beautiful rendition of Faure’s Requiem.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Besides singing in church, choristers enjoy each other’s’ company in a range of activities including bowling, table tennis, visits to the theatre and theme parks. They enjoy an annual firework party, summer barbeque and Christmas meal. They also give concerts and visit hospitals in the locality.

Cathedral Visits

All Saints choir is renowned for its high standard of performance and is in great demand to sing during holiday periods at cathedrals throughout the country. In recent years visits have included singing Evensong at Guildford Cathedral, Christ Church Oxford, Chichester, Salisbury and Winchester Cathedrals, St. George’s Chapel Windsor and Westminster Abbey.

How to contact the Choir

To find out more about the choir, perhaps to sing at your wedding or to join as a chorister, please contact: choir@bansteadallsaints.com

Choir News

  • The Steeple - February 2018

    I have now been at All Saints’ for just over a year, so perhaps it is time to reflect on what has been achieved and consider what I aim to address next. Well, clarity of the words we sing as the Choir offers praise to God for the whole congregation, had been my first goal and I am delighted by the choristers’ willingness to address this so successfully. It is all too easy for singers to utter syllables that just don’t convey any meaning once they get to the nave! Singers enjoy the advantage of always having the text in front of them, so they obviously know what it is all about; conveying these words, and their meaning, to the listener is a far harder job than it may seem. The next thing to work on is improving the blend of fine voices we have; this is a really tricky task, requiring singers to listen to each other and adjust what they do to improve the ensemble effect, possibly doing some things quite differently to what has happened in the past. I have been particularly impressed with how our juniors are developing. Theory sessions have been both enthusiastic and productive and there has been quite justified delight in all that has been achieved. I have also been amazed by the developing confidence they are willing to deploy in ‘singing out’; knowing when they should ‘come in’ and what note is to be sung... no longer is there any tendency to wait for another to ‘test the ice’ as it were, and only then decide to lend their voice to ‘beef up’ a note trialled by someone else! A general willingness to enquire what a word or phrase may mean ensures they quickly ‘sing with understanding’ as well as ‘with the spirit’. During the year the Choir have encountered much new material and risen to the challenge of learning it, often quite quickly, very well indeed. More new material is in the pipeline. I, and the congregation, are most fortunate to have such a loyal group of ‘servants of the Lord’ as is to be found in those who sing in the Choir, willing to rehearse so hard to make the most of God-given talents and use them in His service. Anyone reading this is most welcome to approach me to enquire about how they might go about adding their own voice to our Choir. Jan Pringle, Director of Music